Amy Morgan

Amy is UNISONOs Founding Partner, MD and transformative tree-hugging Guru! As co-founder and Director of Strategy, Amy creates a harmonious, infectious and positive energy that reverberates throughout the Unisono studio. She inspires and leads the team by encouraging everyone to extend their thought process and constantly challenge themselves to achieve their best.

Under Amy's direction, Unisono's team of specialist brand consultants and designers (AKA ‘brand warriors') focus on delivering innovative, practical and meaningful solutions for their clients. This philosophy has resulted in many branding success stories - creating industry benchmarks and achieving return on investment through solutions that work on every level.

Amy has extensive international experience and regional knowledge - integral in creating the business solutions, inspirational strategies and marketing communications required for successful brands. She focuses her wealth of knowledge gained as a consultant, analyst and strategist to develop turnkey solutions for strong and sustainable brands - an approach that joins coherent business understanding with transformative ideas for holistic brand delivery.

Education and Experience: Amy graduated from Manchester University in 1995 with joint honours in philosophy and politics. Since then she has gained vast experience in communications, business analysis and strategy. After working with Prudential as a Business Analyst, Amy moved to Mloop - initially as a Business Analyst - before becoming Head of Communications and Environment.

In 2001, Amy co-founded Tap (London) - a holistic branding and design consultancy before moving to the Middle East in 2003. Amy worked as a Strategic Consultant for many notable clients - including Sabic-SMO and Saatchi and Saatchi - leaving in 2006 to start Unisono.
As founding partner and Director of Strategy at an award winning consultancy, Amy is often asked to speak at public events and in 2008 she Chaired the Brand Summit in Dubai - to an audience with representatives from Microsoft, Cocoa Cola, HP, Yahoo!, eBay and Sony Ericsson.