Who do we invest in?


High potential, motivated and dedicated Bahraini founders and employees

Your idea and Your Vision

Innovative, new for the region and scalable to expand outside of Bahrain.

It helps if you've done some research into potential customers, suppliers, costs etc. - most of these you can do with a phone call or a meeting.Most successful startups change their idea substantially, so we can help you develop your concept.

Your team

This is what matters the most to us. We're looking for a dedicated team.

We look for honesty, determination, brains, motivation, and a sense of design, and a will to succeed against all odds. Experience is helpful but not critical.

The ideal company would have a team of 2-4 people. We'll consider those with 4 or 5.

If you are just one person, we would suggest you look for a partner first, or apply and keep in mind you will need to get someone else on board very quickly after you receive funding. A start-up is too difficult to do completely on your own.

We're looking for companies that can really do something substantial in the first 3 months after they're started. We want you to grow outside of Bahrain and be ambitious.

What are we NOT looking for?

Real-estate projects.
Incredibly capital intensive projects.
Regular ideas in a very competitive market.
Ideas with no market or minimal potential.